Everything is Good/There are no emotional problems/There’s nothing wrong with you

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses that the only reason something is better than something else is, is that you want the something else more. For example, cancer is not bad. Rather, health is better than cancer, because health is what you want more.

A happy person knows there is what they want, and everything else. Unhappiness is feeling you have to be against what you don’t want, instead of merely for what you want. This is illustrated with the parable of spitting in a blueberry pie, even though you like blueberry pie, in order to feel allowed to ask for a slice of apple pie, which you like more.

He also discusses that here are no emotional problems, there are only practical problems. For example, someone either wants to divorce right now, doesn’t want to divorce right now, or wants to wait before deciding. There may be many emotions around this subject, but they are not problems—only the practical matters are. The emotions are simply you feeling the way you like to feel.

Finally, he discusses that there’s nothing wrong with us. We are exactly as we wish to be, and always approve of ourselves. Unhappiness is believing that we do not approve of ourselves, which is always mistaken.

Option Method – Everything is Good