Being Kind to Yourself/“Should” is a lie/Nothing is “Good” or “Bad” for Happiness

First, Bruce Di Marsico discusses being kind to yourself. The Option Method never implies that you shouldn’t be unhappy. A very common misapplication of the Option Method is to use it to berate yourself, asking yourself “Why the hell am I unhappy?” A variant of this is to, through misapplication of the Option Method, find a new reason for unhappiness: you should be happy, and you are not.

Next, he discusses that “should” is a meaningless word in itself. In language, “should” means “you should do this for that result”. Most often, when “for that result” is not made explicit, what is implicit is “you should do this in order to be happy”. Since happiness is not dependent on anything you do, this form of “should” is a lie, and believing in “should” is unhappiness

Finally, he discusses that nothing is inherently good or bad. “Good” and “bad” can mean either “good/bad for a practical use” or “good/bad for happiness.” Nothing can be bad for your happiness. And there is never a problem with practical judgments that something is bad for some practical use.

Option Method – Should is a lie