Being Self-Defeating

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses beliefs that we can be self-defeating.

The only cause of unhappiness is believing that something can cause unhappiness. This “something” always ends up being ourselves. Unhappiness means that I believe that I do, or want, or think, or feel a way that is bad for me. All unhappiness is the fear that we have a bad attitude for ourselves, and the belief that we could in any way be bad for ourselves is unhappiness. In previous times, this belief was sometimes called “sin”.

All fear is the fear of feeling bad (unhappy), which derives from fearing that we could act against our own interest. Since we could only know what is against our best interest by knowing what our best interest is, we are always in touch with are best interest, and could never act contrary to this knowledge. We can only mistakenly believe we have. Mistakes do not prove we are against ourselves, they only show that we have more to find out about the best way to be for ourselves.
Sadness is the acceptance of “proof” that we are against ourselves. It is the collapse of believing that “I am always self-defeating and will always be self-defeating”

Anger is believing that we are being made to be against ourselves. It is the explosion of believing that “you made me be self-defeating”.

Option Method – Being Self-Defeating