Consenting to Happiness

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses consenting to happiness.

You don’t need to understand happiness, just consent to it. Happiness is always already there, it just can be somewhat obscured by unhappiness. Nothing need be done to attain happiness, except consent to it. There are only reasons for being unhappy; there are no reasons for being happy.

The problem with unhappy wanting is not in the wanting; it is in the unhappiness. If you feel unhappy wanting, for example, you want to get intoxicated for unhappy reasons, questioning your desire to get intoxicated can only pile unhappiness on top of unhappiness; rather, respect your desire to be intoxicated, and question your unhappiness, and find out if you still want to get intoxicated when you are not unhappy.

Only you can consent to be happy; no one can make you happy against your will.

Option Method – Consenting to Happiness