Forms of Love

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the nature of love.

He first discusses the foundation understanding that “I cannot help someone be happier, they can only help themselves.” At best, someone may find our presence, behavior, or actions useful for their own happiness.

He then discusses forms of love, happy and unhappy. Fundamentally, a person feels loved when we are not unhappy with them, because when we are not unhappy with them, we demonstrate to them how to be not unhappy with themselves.

He also describes unhappy loving: love as protection (protecting the loved one from what they believe will make them unhappy) and love as giving (giving the loved one what they believe will make them happy).

Finally, he discusses that love in a therapeutic relationship is when the therapist offers the client happy love (that is, finds no reason to be unhappy with the client), and the client offers the therapist something the therapist wants other than love, such as money.

Option Method – Forms of Love