Introduction to the Option Method, pt I

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico introduces the Option Method.

He illustrates, via a story of a young woman going off to college, that whenever we are unhappy, we believe there is something to be unhappy about. He describes a mother unhappy about the event, a sister happy about the event, and a stranger neither happy nor unhappy about the event, demonstrating that the event does not cause happiness or unhappiness, but rather the judgment of the event does.

He further clarifies that, even in situations where almost everyone would be unhappy about something, everyone has their own reasons. For example, of two married people who are unhappy about their spouses extra-marital intimacies, one might be sadly unhappy that they were not “attractive enough” to “prevent” their spouse from straying, a second may be fearfully unhappy that they may catch a disease, and a third may be angrily unhappy that their spouse violated an implicit agreement.

Option Method – Introduction to the Option Method pt I