Introduction to the Option Method, pt II

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico continues his introduction to the Option Method.

He discusses that, while unhappiness is often a successful motivator, happiness can always be a better motivator than unhappiness: love of wealth instead of fear of poverty; desire for changes in society instead of hatred for society as it is.

He also discusses some of the fundamental reasons for unhappiness: unhappiness often arises because of a fear of not being motivated to want what we are already motivated to want. Unhappiness is also used to prove that we’re “good” people to ourselves.

We often recognize that other people don’t need to be unhappy about what we do, but not that we don’t need to be unhappy about what they do.

Not being unhappy about something does not imply being happy about it. Regarding things we don’t want, we can be neither happy nor unhappy with them.

Option Method – Introduction to the Option Method pt II