No Beliefs are Necessary

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the inherent nature of happiness.

First, he clarifies that any application of the Option Method is founded within the Option Attitude, or knowing happiness. The Option Method, though, can be a method to re-discover the Option Attitude.

He clarifies that believing is believing with the whole body; the mind/body distinction is archaic and false.

He discusses wanting to be happy. The two fundamental forms of motivation are wanting and needing, but ultimately, happiness has no motivation. To want to be happier is a denial that you are already perfectly happy.

Beliefs about happiness are motivations to “cure” a lack in your being, and since nothing is missing from your being, no beliefs are necessary for happiness. A belief about happiness is ultimately a false belief about something lacking in your being.

If you wanting happiness, then you already know happiness, because you cannot want what you cannot conceive of, and so your wanting happiness reveals that you know what your happiness is. There is only the question of consenting to your knowledge of happiness.

Option Method – No Beliefs are Necessary