Option as Therapy

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico gives guidance for applying the Option Method.

First, he explains that understanding more about the Option Method is not necessary. The core understanding is that our emotional states come from our beliefs, and that we use unhappiness to motivate ourselves. Knowing the core understanding better doesn’t require knowing more details, but being more convinced of it. The simple truth known, whole-bodily and perfectly, is more useful that all the details known as abstractions.

Other people don’t need to know about the Option Method, since your happiness does not depend on anyone else’s happiness. When communicating the Option Method, the biggest danger is for it to be understood as another “way you should be.”

The Option Method is a process for becoming happier without reservations. This makes it different from, for example, money, which is a way of becoming happier based on getting what you want. The Option Method does not help people achieve states of mind or forms of behavior– therapies that seek to change states of mind or forms of behavior yield fragile happiness. The Option Method is not about fitting people into society.

Option Method – Option as Therapy