To Love is to be Happy

The following “To Love Is To Be Happy” lecture was written by Bruce Di Marsico on May 16, 1975. After G.R.O.W. had closed around 1973, a number of his students asked if they could continue to study with him. He invited them to his home for a study group on Monday nights. It became what we all called “The Monday Night Group.”

This is the group that Mandy Evans refers to in her book Emotional Options where she, Barry Neil Kaufman and several others joined together to deepen their understanding of Bruce’s method and philosophy.

When I met Bruce he invited me into the group and this was my introduction to the Option Method. It was a special, exciting time. The group shared a connection and a kind of synchronicity.
Bruce would contemplate over the weekend what subject he would explore with the group. Sometimes a group member would have had a dialogue with him during the week that would inspire him to create a lecture for the entire group. He often joked that everyone would come to their private dialogues with the same issues that week.
This is one of those lectures. He wrote it on a Saturday and shared it with the class on the following Monday. That night we all began to appreciate how strongly our ability to love is connected to our happiness. Once again he tried to help us see that to be ourselves is to be happy and in that joy is love. — Deborah Mendel

Option Method – To Love is to be Happy