Wanting is Sufficient

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses how wanting is sufficient for our lives; fear is not necessary.

When a person fears losing something, what they are fearing is realizing that they do not need it to be happy, and will get along without it. Fearing losing money is fearing that you could be happy without it; fearing losing love is fearing that you could be happy without it. And if you could be happy without it, the fear is, why would you want it? Because you do! That is the only reason.

You know your priorities, therefore there is no need to fear getting your priorities wrong. For example, if you know you want to spend money on a vacation more than a car, then you know that. And if you want to spend you money on a car, more, then you know that. How could you get your priorities wrong? Sometimes, what you want is more information before deciding.

When you realize that you are not doing as you want, that can be the start of doing what you want, instead of wondering “What’s wrong with me?” For example, if you are not being what you consider healthy, at the moment of realization, you can start being healthy. No self-criticism is necessary or useful.

Option Method – Wanting is Sufficient