You have all you need/Enjoy your Desiring

In these writings, Bruce Di Marsico discusses enjoying your desires and all that you are.

First, he discusses, that if we have the desire to do or be something, we do not need any other emotional preparation. If we find that what we desire has intermediate steps, or expected consequences, that the question simply becomes, do we desire the “whole package” of what we desire, the intermediate steps, and expected consequences, taken all together.

If we find that don’t have the practical necessities to accomplish something, and do not get afraid that we lack the best attitude, we will search for the useful practical necessities.

Following your desires is enjoying your desires, both in the sense of pleasure (as in “enjoying a good cup of tea”) and in the sense of benefiting them (as in “enjoying privileges”).

Then follows an exploration of all of your desires, a detailed meditation on all that you are, which is your happiness: your body, your actions, your desires.

Option Method – Enjoy your desiring