Bruce M. Di Marsico, 1942-1995

Bruce M. Di Marsico

Bruce Di Marsico created the Option Method to help people help themselves to find their deepest wisdom and happiness. The foundation of his approach to helping people was based on his recognition that people were unhappy because they believed that they should be. He understood that people believed that it was good and necessary to feel bad. Bruce believed that people had a choice when it came to their emotions.

Since Bruce’s death, his students and his widow, Deborah Mendel, have continued to help people become happier by teaching them how to use the Option Method Dialogue.

Listen to a 30-second excerpt from Bruce Di Marsico Presents the Option Method. (The entire lecture is available on CD.)

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Recently, with the assistance of Aryeh Nielsen, Deborah has brought Bruce’s archives to the world through the online archives.

Teachers, psychologists, therapists, social workers, clergy, and other practitioners have successfully implemented the Option Method in their professions.

Learn how to be happier through self-guided study from Bruce’s book, Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions: The Option Method and its companion workbook, Be Happier Now: Your Personal Roadmap to a Life of Joy and Happiness by Deborah Mendel.

Or listen to the actual study group sessions that Bruce conducted, available for free download from the Option Archives. You can now hear Bruce discuss the Option Method Questions and reveal how asking these questions help uncover the judgments and beliefs that stand in the way of happiness.

Updated August 12, 2009