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The Myth of Mental Illness

Option Therapy has a point of view that distinguishes it from other therapies. Part of that point of view is that mental illness is seen as a social myth, and that it does not actually exist in any of the ways that we could use the term “illness,” or “mental illness.”

The Medical Model of Mental Illness

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the mythologies behind the medical model of mental illness. The medical model is the framework of diagnosis and treatment to achieve a healthy state. When used in the psychotherapeutic context, the medical model proposes that there are behavioral or attitudinal pathologies, that there is a healthy state that […]

Changing Behavior/“I did it again”/The Two Nows

In this talk Bruce starts by responding to a question about “problem” behavior. He discusses that, in so far as behavior is caused by an unhappy belief, it will change when the belief changes. In so far as the behavior is not caused by an unhappy belief it won’t. Either way, the concern of the […]