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Negative Judgments are not Necessary

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the problematic and unnecessary nature of many types of negative judgments. He starts with the proposition: Everything is good, in the sense that it is not bad. And everything is not bad in the sense that it can not cause unhappiness. Judging things as good or bad for […]

Beliefs are not a problem

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico answers a variety of questions about what stands in the way of happiness. He shows the way beyond such myths such as: “I need to stop having beliefs in order to be happy”, “words and thinking are the cause of unhappiness”, “happiness would cause me to not be motivated […]

Words and Attitudes

Excerpts on: Beliefs are not inherently verbal Words as a sign of an underlying attitude On the meaning behind other’s words

Testing Beliefs

Ninety percent of your mistaken beliefs will never matter, because you’ll never come across any challenge to the beliefs that will be relevant to you. The ones that do matter are the ones that interface with your reality, your life, with the things you are trying to do…

Desires and Wanting

There are various ways of experiencing our desires or lack of them.


People choose their beliefs, every belief.