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The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? To answer that, first we must answer, “What is meaning?” Meaning is the implication or the purpose of something. “My illness means that I can’t go to the party tonight” is equivalent to “The implication of my illness (for me) is that I can’t go to the party tonight.” […]

The Purpose of the World

The whole world that ever existed, all the world that ever existed, the universe that ever was and has been, has conspired to bring to this moment, so that you can be here to be happy. Option Method – The purpose of the world

The Two Nows

Any unhappiness that you’ve had up until now has only been a question which says: “Do you believe from now on that you will have to be unhappy?”

There is No Hidden Self

In this writing, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the myth of the hidden self. There are no awful “parts” of ourselves hidden within us, some hidden evil or disgusting part. There are also no magnificent “parts” of ourselves hidden within us. In every moment, we are entirely as we are when we are that way, and […]

There is no need to understand yourself

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses that all are inherently happy, and cannot be otherwise. Being happy is not different than being who you are. Since all are already themselves, all are already happy. Further, all beings are capable of happiness because all beings are perfectly capable of being perfectly themselves. Whenever you are […]

Sex Doesn’t Exist

Sexual feelings, as physical sensations, may be judged as either a sign of attraction to having good feelings or as a sign of deprivation from good feelings. Emotional feelings about sex are judgments on the repercussions of sexual activity. There is no form of having good feelings with others that is inherently included or excluded […]

On Perfectionism/On Moral Codes

Is there something wrong with getting sick? Is there something wrong with getting angry…?

On God

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses happiness from the standpoint of religious terminology. God is an explanatory principle. It is the principle of moving toward happiness. What Option means by “happiness”, many in the past have meant by “God”. To personify God as a real, existing entity is to try to turn towards a […]

Considerations (handout)

Handout on the Option view of death.

You are your happiness (commentary)

A word that Bruce Di Marsico used even more that the word “happiness” was the word . . . “you”! He occasionally talked about what he meant by this word….

A Critique of Therapies (commentary)

Bruce Di Marsico spoke occasionally of Freudian, Reichian therapy, New Age and Existential ideology, and conventional religions. Here, we will look at his critiques, and then summarize the critique in general form.

Elevating Taste to Morals (commentary)

There are many common terms people use which represent an elevation of personal taste to universal morals.

The World is You (commentary)

Everything you know about the world is your knowing, and is not an aspect of the world-in-itself.