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How Emotions Happen

Every stimulus does not cause the same response in a human being in terms of behavior….

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People don’t really ever get unhappy. They just only believe they’re going to, and that belief is what they feel, which we then commonly call unhappiness…

The Body

Three excerpts on: Believing is with the Whole Body “You” and “Your Body” The Body, in itself, is Happy

Everything is Good/There are no emotional problems/There’s nothing wrong with you

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses that the only reason something is better than something else is, is that you want the something else more. For example, cancer is not bad. Rather, health is better than cancer, because health is what you want more. A happy person knows there is what they want, and […]

Comparative Consistency/Prerequisite Preparation

In this talk from the 1973 Monday Night Study Group, Bruce Di Marsico discusses more about how we judge how unhappy to be, and what we want more between two things. “Comparative Consistency” is deciding the degree of unhappiness for an event in proportion to how unhappy we feel about a similar event. For example, […]

Emotions are happiness (commentary)

Bruce Di Marsico: “You can only get unhappy by believing your emotions are bad for you.”

“Negative” Emotions

“Negative” Emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, and depression are generally a combination of doing what you want to do, and feeling bad while doing it.

Symptoms vs. Unhappiness (commentary)

One way in which people feel bad is to only feel bad because they’ve deduced (reasoned to the conclusion) that they must be unhappy, based on symptoms.