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Motivation is the Cause of Movement/Happiness is our Ultimate Desire/More Happy vs. Less Unhappy/Intermediate Steps

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico first discusses motivation. Motivation can be defined as whatever causes movement. What causes our movement is wanting something to take place. We don’t need to be aware of wanting intermediate steps, because wanting a goal makes the intermediate steps take place. Every goal is fundamentally an intermediate step to […]

More on Unhappiness as a Motivator

In this excerpt from the 1973 Monday Night Study Groups, Bruce Di Marsico discusses more on unhappiness as a motivator. If we are unhappy, we believe that unhappiness is necessary to motivate ourselves towards what we want more than other things we also want. We want our wanting to be clear; we make it clearer […]

Unhappy Motivation/Fear of Being Stupid

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the drawbacks of using unhappiness as our motivation. Since the ultimate goal is happiness, unhappiness always fails to achieve what it sets out to achieve. Ultimately, if our happiness depends on getting what we want, then we will fear to even want in the first place. Our wanting […]