Bruce Di Marsico Presents the Option Method

Bruce Di Marsico Presents the Option Method (Audio CD)

Bruce Di Marsico Presents the Option Method (Audio CD)

This is the first recording of Bruce Di Marsico to be released by his widow, Deborah Mendel. Bruce created the Option Method in 1970. In this live recording in New York in April 1973, he shares his Method and the philosophy behind it. Listen to a brief excerpt

Discover the real Bruce Di Marsico; not fictional, not mysterious nor elusive, but rather a most kind and gentle man. Bruce explains in his own words how this simple self-help tool can free us from our self-imposed suffering to rediscover our personal wisdom and happiness. He demonstrates through stories and real-life examples how what we believe creates what we feel. Hear the creator of the Option Method speak.

Bruce gently and clearly discusses his Option Method questions. He reveals how asking these questions can help us to uncover and let go of judgments and beliefs that seem to stand in the way of our happiness. He then continues to expand and explain the Method and how unhappiness only seems mysterious.

Learn why we use the Option Method: “We look at ourselves because we don’t like the way [our unhappiness] fits. We don’t like the way our feelings fit us; they make us uncomfortable.”

On “Why ask why?” Bruce says, “We can’t assume that everyone feels bad for the same reason . . . and we can’t assume it about ourselves. We often do. We assume, ‘Hey I’m unhappy for the obvious reasons.’ What are the obvious reasons? The obvious reasons are sometimes not so obvious . . .”

Bruce teaches about unhappiness in personal terms: “If I’m not going to see that some belief of mine is causing me to be unhappy, what’s the first thing that happens? My finger starts to point . . . Before you know it . . . we’re blaming everything and everybody for our unhappiness, never looking at a belief that maybe we’ve outgrown, [a belief] that maybe doesn’t fit anymore, [a belief] that maybe we don’t need.”

The timelessness of this lecture is breathtaking!

Updated March 5, 2012