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Introduction to the Option Method, pt I

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico introduces the Option Method. He illustrates, via a story of a young woman going off to college, that whenever we are unhappy, we believe there is something to be unhappy about. He describes a mother unhappy about the event, a sister happy about the event, and a stranger neither […]

Introduction to the Option Method, pt II

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico continues his introduction to the Option Method. He discusses that, while unhappiness is often a successful motivator, happiness can always be a better motivator than unhappiness: love of wealth instead of fear of poverty; desire for changes in society instead of hatred for society as it is. He also […]

The Creation of the Option Method

“If you believed that at this time tomorrow you were going to be unhappy, what would you feel now?”…

What is the Option Method/How Unhappiness happens/Why are people unhappy?

In this lecture, Bruce Di Marsico introduces the Option Method. The Option Method helps people who want to be happier examine why they believe they need to be unhappy. It was not created to force anyone to be happy. It discusses how unhappiness is founded on the judgment that “this is, indeed, a reason to […]

One Truth (alternate version – handout)

A handout on the simple truth of happiness.

One Truth (handout)

Handout on the simple truth of happiness.

Teachings of the Option Method (handout)

A series of instructions on the Option Method.

The Wisdom of Happiness (handout)

A collection of Option quotes.

Understanding the Option Method (handout)

Essays on the Nature of Happiness and Unhappiness.

Happiness is not a Mood/Happiness and Primary Cultural Values (commentary)

In conventional society, many moods are described as happiness. Happiness is not a mood.

The Option Philosophy, Attitude, and Method (commentary)

Here is how the Option Attitude, Philosophy, and Method relate: if you know your happiness (the Option Attitude) you do not need to find your happiness via the Option Method. The Option Philosophy can aid in a deeper recognition of one’s own happiness for those who have become fundamentally aware of it. For those who […]

Are You Good?

In the moral sense it would have to follow that everything that is, including yourself, is truly good, in that nothing is bad (unhappiness causing).