Personal Dialogue by Phone

An Option Method Master Teacher will guide you through your own process of self-discovery. They will ask you the Option Method Questions to help you uncover the core beliefs that are holding you back and causing your unhappiness.

Trained to be an acute listener and completely non-judgmental, never projecting or making assumptions, your teacher will help you to identify the beliefs behind your bad feelings. One hour is usually plenty of time to address one and sometimes more than one unhappiness in your life.

After receiving your payment, you will be contacted to schedule your appointment.  Learn more about the Center for the Option Method and the Master Teachers.

Testimonials about the Option Method Dialogue experience

“I recently completed what I thought was going to be another fabulous dialogue. I was right. It was much more though. Have you ever been with someone that was the epitome of unconditional love? If you haven’t, then you ought to do a dialogue with Deborah Mendel. If you have and you want to experience it again, you owe it to yourself to do a dialogue with Deborah. The love and caring I experienced from Deborah was absolutely beautiful. I felt very free and relaxed during the entire dialogue which allowed me to express myself without hesitation. Deborah helped me unravel many beliefs that have been causing a lot of unrest in my life. Thank you Deborah.” — Bob Feinberg

“After my last couple of dialogues I reached a point of inner contentment, peace and happiness with being right where I am. It’s a great feeling. Something I have always wanted to experience.” — Rae Foster

“I had so much energy after our talk that I went out for a long walk, processing so much. It felt like such an answer for me that I have been searching for for quite sometime now. This morning I felt newly encouraged to do my own dialogue around a struggle I’ve had for a long time with my spiritual journey . . . I was able to get to a whole new place.” — Judy White

Updated September 27, 2011