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Being tempted by what we want less/Staying in touch with what we want more

In this lecture, Bruce Di Marsico discusses more about how unhappiness is used (unnecessarily) to stay in touch with desires. Wanting is more important to us than getting, because getting what we want is not guaranteed. For example, if I am single, and I want to be in a love relationship, my only hope of […]

Wanting is Sufficient

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses how wanting is sufficient for our lives; fear is not necessary. When a person fears losing something, what they are fearing is realizing that they do not need it to be happy, and will get along without it. Fearing losing money is fearing that you could be happy […]

Wanting to be unhappy to the right degree/Wanting vs. Needing/Not knowing what you want/Shame/Getting Happier

Bruce Di Marsico sums up the attitude of the happy person about his or her future and past. He discusses social norms about the right degree of unhappiness in many situations. For example, when a student receives a low grade, the teacher often expects the student to be mildly chastised, not either cheerful or suicidal. […]

Your Wanting is a Favor to God

You have every single thing you want. Now when you have everything you want you can act like that….

Your Wanting

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses wanting. You don’t need to be against anything; you can just want something else more. For example, you may want health more than the flu, the flu more than cancer, cancer more than death, ordinary death more than death by torture. . . so there is nothing that […]

Staying in touch with wanting

We often use unhappiness to stay in touch with our wanting. What are we trying to achieve with our unhappiness? • To stay in touch with what we want more. • To stay in touch with preconditions on wanting. • To stay in touch with the wanting that motivates intermediate steps…

Knowing what you want

There is only one thing to believe and know about: what we are wanting….

Knowing your Wants

There is no such thing as “I don’t know” my wanting. When someone says that they do not know what they want, they really mean that they do not know whether what they want will help them get whatever else they may want.

People are always doing what they want (commentary)

What is the full meaning of “People are always doing what they want?”

Boredom/Attraction/Wanting the Whole Package

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses boredom, attraction, and wanting the whole package. Boredom is believing there is something else I should be doing. If we believe that it would be better for us to do something else other than what we are doing, we have the choice of doing it (and why not, […]

Being aware of wanting

We are only aware of our wanting when it changes.