Be Happier Now!

Learn the “secret” of how to stop struggling through life and be happy right now. The Option Method is a unique yet simple self-help technique designed to help you become happier now. The Option Method will show you how to uncover the beliefs that are behind your bad feelings.

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Discover the beliefs that are fueling your unhappiness. Using the Option Method questions, you will discover how many of your beliefs — beliefs you might not even realize you hold — have been blocking your path to happiness.

Change your beliefs and change your life. The Option Method questions the beliefs that cause unhappiness, allowing for a profound and instantaneous transformation.

“Unhappiness happens in the dark, it happens in the half light of reason. The problem is that you think you know that you have to be unhappy. I suggest that it’s questionable. What if what you are feeling is just the result of a belief you have?”
— Bruce Di Marsico, creator of the Option Method and author of Unlock Your Happiness With Five Simple Questions: The Option Method

End your pursuit of happiness. Be happier now using the Option Method’s powerful Five Questions.

“You have spent a lifetime acquiring and cultivating beliefs, which you never realized before, are actually contrary to the wisdom within you.”
— Deborah Mendel, author of Be Happier Now: Your Personal Roadmap to a Life of Joy and Happiness — The Option Method Workbook

Updated March 5, 2012