Perfect Self Trust

In this writing, Bruce Di Marsico discusses perfect self-trust.

Perfect self-trust is knowing our desires are the best for ourselves. Bruce Di Marsico shows that our desires can only be what is best for ourselves; if we are believing that our desires are not best for ourselves, that can only be because we are aware of desires that are better for ourselves, which are also our desires, and what we want more. Therefore, it is impossible to be mistaken about what is best for us.

Accepting someone’s advice is when our knowing what’s best for us coincides with what someone thinks is best for us. If two people coincide in point-of-view, they do not have the “same” point-of-view. Rather, in a moment, for all practical purposes, two individual’s point-of-view is relatively coincident. Our point-of-view is always ours, and never someone else’s.

When we are trusting ourselves, our decisions on behalf of others will be best for them.

Option Method – Perfect self trust