There is No Hidden Self

In this writing, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the myth of the hidden self.

There are no awful “parts” of ourselves hidden within us, some hidden evil or disgusting part. There are also no magnificent “parts” of ourselves hidden within us. In every moment, we are entirely as we are when we are that way, and there is no “other” self hidden away.

If we choose not to disclose an aspect of ourselves to others, that aspect is not hidden to us. If we are “Not liking” ourselves, what we are experiencing is really the beginning of liking something other than what we liked in the past. The “self” that we do not like is the manifestation of our past self, and not our present self. We always perfectly like our present self. Not liking our past self need have no more implication than not liking strawberry ice cream. We know what we like, now.

Option Method – There is no hidden self