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Happiness and Safety

In the essay “Happiness and Safety”, Bruce Di Marsico addresses the argument against happiness: “Perfect happiness would make me a willing victim of others, or would cause me to not take care of myself.”

Unhappiness is But/Being Too Happy

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico considers the theme avoiding unhappiness instead of moving toward happiness, and of reconsidering your own feelings about things. Unhappiness is the fear that you are not doing what you want, and that you might not take the future into as much account as you want to. Both of these […]

Nature vs. Belief

In this writing, Bruce Di Marsico addresses the attitude: “I should have known better. I’m such an idiot, I’m such a loser, I’m so stupid, I’m so lame”. The core belief behind “I should have known better” is a person’s belief that their not having known something earlier in time than they actually did is […]