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Watch, Wait, and Enjoy

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses perfect happiness. Wanting is not unhappy, but in perfect happiness doing and wanting become coincident. Beyond “Not unhappy, and wanting to be happier” is “happy, and doing”. There is no longer a gap between wanting and doing. What do you do when perfectly happy? Bruce Di Marsico’s suggestion […]

On Quiet

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses alternatives to the search for happiness. The search for happiness is a form of denial, or non-consent, that happiness is available now. Quiet is being done with things, for now. You can be quiet in the midst of a riot. In particular, you can be quiet in your […]

Cor Super Ratio

One can choose a way of life and state of mind which makes it possible to receive the gifts and graces which are fruits of being in union with happiness and the cause of all knowledge and action, especially quiet action.

Speculations (handout)

A series of meditations on happiness.

Gladness/The Future

Either be glad for what will be or be sorry for what was.

Consenting to Happiness

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses consenting to happiness. You don’t need to understand happiness, just consent to it. Happiness is always already there, it just can be somewhat obscured by unhappiness. Nothing need be done to attain happiness, except consent to it. There are only reasons for being unhappy; there are no reasons […]

You have all you need/Enjoy your Desiring

In these writings, Bruce Di Marsico discusses enjoying your desires and all that you are. First, he discusses, that if we have the desire to do or be something, we do not need any other emotional preparation. If we find that what we desire has intermediate steps, or expected consequences, that the question simply becomes, […]

Active and Inactive Attitudes

The four fundamental bodily attitudes: • Joy: The active bodily attitude of happiness • Peace: The inactive bodily attitude of happiness • Mania: The active bodily attitude of Unhappiness • Depression: The inactive bodily attitude of Unhappiness The four fundamental motivations: • Paranoia: Unhappily moving away from • Hysteria: Unhappily moving towards • Avoiding: Happily […]

Acknowledging Your Happiness

In these two essays, Bruce Di Marsico considers two complementary issues: 1) Day to day life in a society where conventional symbols of unhappiness are the norm 2) Acknowledging to oneself that to be happy is not the norm. And offers two happy choices: 1) Choose to no longer show the conventional symbols of unhappiness […]

Option, Mysticism, and Pragmatism

One way that Bruce Di Marsico described Option is as “Mystical Pragmatism”. This description can be illuminated by exploring the traditions of Mysticism and Pragmatism. Both of these traditions have many aspects and schools; as discussed here, the focus is only on those aspects that are closely allied with Option.