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You are not unhappy for any reason

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the cause of unhappiness. You are unhappy because of one belief only: the belief that you are not naturally going to be happier. Money, things, relationships, love, one’s own behavior, other’s behavior do not cause unhappiness. We can only become unhappy because we believe that unhappiness is possible, […]

Being Kind to Yourself/“Should” is a lie/Nothing is “Good” or “Bad” for Happiness

First, Bruce Di Marsico discusses being kind to yourself. The Option Method never implies that you shouldn’t be unhappy. A very common misapplication of the Option Method is to use it to berate yourself, asking yourself “Why the hell am I unhappy?” A variant of this is to, through misapplication of the Option Method, find […]

No Beliefs are Necessary

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the inherent nature of happiness. First, he clarifies that any application of the Option Method is founded within the Option Attitude, or knowing happiness. The Option Method, though, can be a method to re-discover the Option Attitude. He clarifies that believing is believing with the whole body; the […]

Not Caring/Freedom

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses caring and freedom. Unhappiness is the belief that you’re not free. In particular, that if you were happy now, you would be unhappy in the future. This is often a result of mistaking not wanting the consequences of an action for not being free to do the action. […]

Having Good Things/There is no reason

Happiness is not nor ever has been the result of having good things in themselves. What we always meant by “good” merely granted us the right to be happy…

Justifying Yourself

Some people are going to decide that you shouldn’t have reached your conclusions because you haven’t convinced them why you’ve reached the conclusions you have. But you have all the justifications you need, and once you know that it’s okay for you to do something, you don’t remember all the reasons why it’s okay.