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To Love is to be Happy

The following “To Love Is To Be Happy” lecture was written by Bruce Di Marsico on May 16, 1975. After G.R.O.W. had closed around 1973, a number of his students asked if they could continue to study with him. He invited them to his home for a study group on Monday nights. It became what […]

Loving, and wanting to love

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico continues his discussion of issues in love relationships. In the last study guide he outlined the problem, and in this study guide, the solution. In a relationship, you can know that either the other is wanting to love you, or does not. When people say “I love you”, especially […]

Forms of Love

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses the nature of love. He first discusses the foundation understanding that “I cannot help someone be happier, they can only help themselves.” At best, someone may find our presence, behavior, or actions useful for their own happiness. He then discusses forms of love, happy and unhappy. Fundamentally, a […]

If you loved me, you would. . .

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses issues in love relationships. In this part, he outlines the problem, and in the next study guide, the solution. The only reason lovers split up is because they fear the unhappiness. They either fear not being loving enough to prevent their partner’s unhappiness, or not being loved enough […]

Happiness in Relationships

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses happiness in relationships. Being afraid of not having something is not the same as wanting it. We play a game that we have to move away from what makes us unhappy. Instead, we can simply move toward what we want. Why do we not simply move towards what […]

Loving has nothing to do with happiness, Part I

I want to deal with this myth that love is somehow an absolute; that it is to be universally admired, that it is a universal goal, and that it is in any way, shape, or form equivalent to happiness….

Loving has nothing to do with happiness, Part II

Say I have a child. He’s two years old, and he is going to get an inoculation. And he’s going to hate me for three days after that. He doesn’t have a short term memory like other two-year olds. He is going to resent me, and when we get home he’ll look for pins to […]

Being Special/On Loving Others

In this talk, Bruce Di Marsico discusses being special and loving others. Some people have fears of either being special, or of being “common” or “ordinary”. To fear being special is to not acknowledge what is of value to you, which may be unique to you. To fear being common is to deprive yourself of […]